Infrared Sauna - Leah's Wax Works
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Infrared Sauna

The Sunlighten mPLUSE 3in1 Sauna now available at our Cronulla Salon. 

No appointment necessary! Prices Starting at just $30!


Sunlighten have taken Infrared therapy to the next level with mPulse 3-in-1®.
Our patented mPulse 3-in-1® is the only sauna heater on the market to provide all three precise wavelengths,
near, mid and far infrared, in one place and customizable to each user. With a 99% emissivity rating the mPulse
3-in-1® outperforms any other product on the market.
Specific conditions are required to generate each wavelength. The Sunlighten mPulse 3-in-1® heaters are
differentiated as they include three distinct heating mechanisms to provide you with the three precise
wavelengths for optimum performance and benefit.
Sunlighten mPulse 3-in-1® is designed to meet your health, wellbeing and lifestyle needs today and
into the future.


Detoxification (37 Mins)
Starts at a high intensity to increases the body’s core temperature then reduces to a low, comfortable intensity level. IR combination improves vascular access flow to reach toxins at the cellular level.
Relaxation (40 Mins)
Far, mid and near infrared rays induce deep relaxation as they relieve muscle tension at a low, comfortable intensity promoting overall stress reduction with regular use.
Anti Aging (30 Mins)
A low, constant intensity level penetrates tissue to help with various skin concerns. Near IR LEDs improve overall skin tone, elasticity and firmness promoting anti-aging benefits.
Cardiovascular Health (45 Mins)
Starts at a high intensity to increase heart rate and cardiac output then lowers to sustain heart rate level. Circulation increases to promote healthy blood pressure.
Weight Loss
Starts at a high intensity to stimulate the cardiovascular system then reduces to a medium level. As the body works to cool itself, there is an increase in heart rate, cardiac output & metabolic rate similar to exercise.
Pain Relief (30 Mins)
An IR blend provides natural pain relief by reducing inflammation and swelling while near IR LEDs penetrate the tissue to promote cellular repair at a medium, constant intensity level.
Create Your Own Program (up to 1HR. Max)
Gives you full control of each heater, allowing you to maximize the IR power, output and intensity of each sauna session.