Threading - Leah's Wax Works
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Threading is an ancient hair removal technique used by Middle Eastern and Indian cultures. It involves twisting a piece of cotton thread into a double strand and using it to pick up a line of hair and remove it. The results are a super-clean, smooth, hair-free skin that you will love.


Threading is ideal for sensitive skin, as it is less irritating and leaves no redness. It’s also perfect for those with shorter and/or coarser hair, as the thread grips the hair well at any length or thickness. Threading is particularly good for eyebrows, as it leaves a precise, clean line and defined brow.

Threading Treatments

Fast and effective, this treatment removes unwanted brow hair, leaving a precise line and perfectly defined eyebrows.
This treatment quickly and gently removes hair from the upper lip, leaving a smooth result without redness or sensitivity.
Eyebrow and Lip
Combine the two treatments above for best results at great value for money.
Sides of Face
A fast and effective treatment, this removes hair and 'fuzz' from the cheek area, leaving it smooth and soft.
A fast and effective treatment, this removes hair and 'fuzz' from the forehead, leaving it smooth and soft.
Full Face
This includes eyebrows, lip, forehead and sides of face. It gently and effectively removes facial hair and 'fuzz' leaving a smooth result.

Threading is available at all Leah’s Wax Works Salons except Cronulla at the moment.