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Leah’s Own Formulated Wax In Stores Now!


Back in the day before there was a strip wax that was suitable for a Brazilian we would use hot wax which took a long time and didn’t pick up all the hairs, not to mention strip wax was too sticky or thin.


I wanted to come up with a formulation that would combined strip and hot wax together! I contacted my wax supplier as he was also a pharmacist. We worked on the formulation for over a year together and he came up with formulation after formulation. Then one day he sent me a sample and it was exactly what I wanted. I knew it would revolutionize waxing forever!


Leah’s Wax Works ROSE WAX! It was a hit! It was the right combination of hot and strip wax but could be used as a strip wax with calico strips.


It is suitable for all types of skin even sensitive skin, it is not harsh on the skin as it contains soothing chamomile.


We have kept this formula a secret and only use it in salon… But now our secret is out and you can use it for yourself.